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rick ferrer

photoshoot, parties photography and video

"It is not only to take a picture, it is to do it with passion."

Please, read carefully - Favor de leer cuidadosamente

Other Prices

important information.

--(Miami places fee is not part of the package)--
  • Max of 3 people at the photoshoot (Maximo 3 personas en la sesion de fotos)
  • No quinceañera's boyfriend allowed at the photoshoot (El novio de la quinceañera es una de las distracciones peores en una sesion de fotos, todos queremos que el trabajo nos quede bien realizado por lo tanto, NO SE PERMITE EL NOVIO DE LA QUINCEAÑERA EN LA SESION DE FOTOS)
  • Limited ONLY to the changes you are paying for (Limitado SOLAMENTE a los cambios que Usted esta pagando)
  • Limited ONTY to the time you are paying for (Limitado SOLAMENTE al tiempo que usted esta pagando)
  • All packages are subject to change with previous agreement between the customer and us.
  • Extra props or Animals at Secret Garden will have an extra fee with the Administrative Personal at location.
  • * Quinceañeras and other dresses are included as a courtesy only if fit you, if not, you have to bring your own dress.
  • Pictures in canoe and mermaid dress will be included only in packages over $2000.00
  • Payment will be divided in three: First one with the signed contract $380.00, Second, with one of the half of the rest of your debt the photoshoot day, the third will be the day we delivery your first half of the pictures.
  • All the packages will be under a signatured contract with a deductible (of your total) first payment of $380.00 or 33% if Secret Garden is included.
  • You can add a Video Clip in any package for an extra of $300.00
  • Studio and Exterio including beach, parck and other places for free in Naples Area
  • PARTY - The result of the videos and pictures will be depending of salon and the decoration, we are not responsible for any audio problem, decoration problems or guest interruption that can cause an inconvenient in the final result (FIESTA - El resultado de los videos e imágenes dependerá del salón y la decoración, no nos hacemos responsables de ningún problema de audio, problemas de decoración o interrupción del huésped que pueda ocasionar un inconveniente en el resultado final.)
  • An extra charge of $200.00 will be apply if you want to begin at your house or any other (not the party) location (We are not responsable for the incombiniense that this can cause like get late at the salon, don't take pictures of the empty salon and decoration, don't get the guest arriving video or any other (Un cargo de $200.00 extras sera aplicable si el cliente quiere que comencemos enotro lugar que no sea el local de la fiesta, tampoco nos hacemos responsables de los incombenientes que esto pueda causar con el resultado final del video o las fotos, ejemplo, la llegada tarde al salon, el no poder filmar el salon solo con la decoracion, el no poder filmar la llegada de los invitados o cualquier otro problema devido a esto.
  • According to the FLORIDA LAW We are NOT going in the Limo if there is not an adult as responsable ( De acuerdo a la ley de la Florida para poner uno de nosotros en la limosina debe haver un mayor de edad que se haga responsable de lo que pueda pasar, de lo contrario nosotros no podremos ir)
  • Party Pictures will be delivered as taken at the location (no edition) - (las fotos de la fiesta se entregaran accorde como se tomaron (sin edicion)

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