photography and video for wedding
Total: $2080.00
  • This package is only for photography and video in weddings
  • Two photographers working at the same time in location (doble team video and photo)
  • 5 hours service ending no later than 10:30pm
  • An enlarge 20x30 canvas picture will be included in your event for the main door for free (if you want a bigger size charge will be apply acoording to the size)
  • The engagement session will be our GIFT for your wedding so it will be free (if is in the area, far locations will include an extra miles fee)
  • The Videos will be edited with presentation and video mix in post production
  • The result of the videos and pictures will be depending of salon and the decoration, we are not responsible for any audio problem, decoration problems or guest interruption that can cause an inconvenient in the final result
  • An extra charge of $400.00 will be apply if you want the GETTING READY SESSION (Two hours before the wedding and we will not responsable for the incombiniense that this can cause like get late at the salon, don't take pictures of the empty salon and decoration, don't get the guest arriving video or any other)
  • An extra charge of $400.00 will be apply if you want the MASS SESSION for the ceremony (Photography and Video or any of them)
  • We can go and take pictures in between the Mass and the Party without extra charge if is in the area
  • The client can add Album and Enlarge pictures as an extra with the corresponding fee according to their needs
  • Pictures will be delivered as taken at the party (no edition) in a 16gb memory stick that we will provide and the videos will be delivery in Blueray Disk (3 copies) if the client want the video in a memory stick the clien has to provided it. We are not risponsable if will work propperly acoording to the equipment the clien will use to reproduce it.

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